Coots and Rails (2014)

An experimental backwoods scramble for violin trio.


Miranda Cuckson 

Ken Hamao

Marina Kifferstein



St. Peter's Church

New York City

December 2, 2014

Game with Sharp Knives (2015)

for Octet



Laura Cocks, flute

Eileen Mack, clarinet

Ryan Muncy, saxophone

Jen Baker, trombone

Marina Kifferstein, violin

Meaghan Burke, cello

Tristan McKay, piano

Michael Lipsey, percussion


Carl Christian Bettendorf, conductor

The DiMenna Center

New York City

March 2, 2017

Paganini Liszt Distortion (2017)

Piano-sourced Electroacoustic

Apart from one brief interjection, "Paganini Liszt Distortion" is entirely sourced from recordings of the "Grande Étude de Paganini No. 3", by Franz Liszt.

The video is a playback of the score in Logic Pro X.

Dutch Angle (2013)

Miranda Cuckson, violin 

Kallie Ciechomski, viola

Chris Gross, cello

Liam Kinson, bass clarinet


St. Peter's Church

New York City

April 26, 2016

Polychrome Stride (2009)

New York Composers Circle Competition Winner 


Mary Barto, flute

Allen Blustine, clarinet

Stanichka Dimitrova, violin

Peter Prosser, cello

Christopher Oldfather, piano


Carl Bettendorf, conductor


Thalia Theater, Symphony Space

New York City

June 4, 2011

Pause = Pause (2010)

Blair McMilllen, piano


I. Prelude and Scrawl

II. Thug Dance

III. Inexactetude


St. Marks Church in the Bowery

New York City

April 15, 2012

Assassination of Angels (1986)

An electronic micro-opera for voice, organ, piano, percussion, turntables and manipulated motorcycle.

All works Copyright © 1976-2020

Scott D. Miller (BMI)

Paganini Monotype (2018)

Violin-sourced Electroacoustic

"Paganini Monotype" is the second in a series of electroacoustic pieces. It is entirely sourced from recordings of the "24 Caprices for Solo Violin" by Niccolò Paganini.

The video is a playback of the score in Logic Pro X.